Palliative care can’t wait: what I wish I’d known as my wife was dying

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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“Nothing can erase the anguish of losing my wife and the mother of our teenage children much too soon. But a little fore-knowledge could have alleviated some of the suffering of those last few days, both Suzanne’s and my own”,  writes Paul Adams, journalist and Carleton University Professor.

In this article Mr. Adams tells the story of the journey he shared with his wife Suzanne Szukits, at end of life.  Despite much organisational savvy, they were left without the benefit of a palliative approach to care.

“I had never imagined that in her final days, she would not be given the most rudimentary stuff of life; that I would have to stand and watch that happen. Helplessly.”

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Nadine Valk, CHPCP Executive Director, was invited by CBC radio, to reflect on this story from
a hospice palliative care perspective.

“Palliative care is not just for last days of life, but so many people still think that that’s what that means, so people don’t get referred early enough,” Valk said.

Listen in to the Ottawa Morning discussion with Nadine Valk and Paul Adams,
originally broadcast on CBC Radio,  July 7, 2017.