Making the most out of Healthcare appointments

Sometimes it may feel difficult asking your doctor or healthcare provider the right questions.

Below are some tips and a list of questions to make appointments easier and more beneficial.

A caregiver assisting a senior woman in wheelchair.

Prepare a prioritized list of concerns that you would like to address

Bring a list of medications to all appointments

Bring a notebook to record answers to all your questions


Introduce yourself and explain that you are your family/friend’s Caregiver

Address the list of concerns

Be honest if you do not understand something or if you are concerned about a recommendation

If you feel it would help, you can ask for information in writing (test results, diagnosis)

Summarize any decisions to ensure you understand the actions moving forward

Smiling healthcare worker consulting with a patient
Healthcare worker talking to a patient in a clinic

Some questions to ask...

What is the diagnosis?

How will this disease or condition change over time?

Can you explain the results of this test?


Some questions to ask...

What treatment options are available?

What are the pros and cons of each treatment option?

What are the side effects?

What would happen if we do not choose to do the treatment? 

doctor consulting senior patient by video call.

Need help asking the right questions?

Download and print the following sheet to use at your next appointment.

Tips for before and during the appointment

Key questions to ask your healthcare professional

From CHPCP's Practical Caregiver Training manual