What to do when someone dies

While everyone grieves differently, most people feel confused or uncertain about the next steps. 

Below is a checklist of all the important things to be considered. 

What to do when someone dies: the Checklist

When someone dies, the job of handling personal and financial matters may fall to you. There are many details to take care of and this can be very difficult when dealing with your own grief.

Remember that settling their affairs is not a one-person task. You may need professional assistance or delegate sub-tasks to other family members or friends.

Here is a checklist of important steps to follow after someone has died.

Content from Malcolm Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home, and Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program 

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Steps on what to do when someone dies in Ontario.

It is important to notify the government as quickly as possible to avoid benefit overpayments, claim benefits, and settle taxes.

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