Workshops on Advance Care Planning

Cost:  FREE (for both course options)

Language:  English

Location:  Online or in-person

Who this course is for: Those interested in Advance Care Planning, preparing you and your future Substitute Decision Maker(s) for a time when you may not be able to make your own health or personal care decisions

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Course description

A workshop series which makes the caregiving experience safer and less stressful for caregivers and their loved ones. The Advance Care Planning workshop reviews:

Healthcare consent

Substitute Decision Making

Having conversations about values, wishes, and beliefs

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Course options

We have two course options:

Option 1: Train-the-trainer

We train staff in your organization to become Advance Care Planning (ACP) facilitators. Our course materials can be used to deliver ACP workshops within your organization. All material is completely free and available for organizations to use, as long as the training is provided free of charge.

Schedule: 2-3 hour sessions, 8 hours in total 

Option 2: We run the workshop

Our trained ACP facilitators can run a workshop for your group or organization for free.

Schedule: 2 hours

Note for both course options: An organization includes healthcare, community organizations, workplaces or place of worship. While we cater to those within organizations, if you are an individual interested you may be eligible for ACP training. If you are interested, talk to us.

Interested in running your own Advance Care Planning sessions?

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Course materials

We provide all of the course materials. If you’d like staff within your organization to become ACP facilitators, these facilitators will receive:

  • PowerPoint slides and videos
  • Facilitator Guide (upcoming)

All course material is free to organizations, as long as you:

  1.  Provide your training free of charge
  2.  Give us feedback to help us improve our materials and to help us know the reach within our region

Contact us

Contact us at for information on upcoming course dates or running a training session.

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